Intercultural Driving Licence | Vocational (Icudriving)

By Lothar Thiel, Deutsche Schule Bilbao/Spain.


The German School of Bilbao is participating in the Leonardo da Vinci Project “Intercultural Driving Licence | Vocational (Icudriving)” (2012-14). Its topic are the various aspects of Intercultural Competence as a work-related qualification. Icudriving is coordinated by the Governorship of Izmir/Turkey.

The Icudriving website

Read hear some basic information:

The participating organizations

The third international meeting took place at the German School of Bilbao (6.-8. May 2013):

On the occasion of this project the “Bilbao Icudriving Team” (BIT), until now consisting of parents and teachers of the German School of Bilbao, has been established in 2013. By now the BIT provided the following contributions:

Join us, if you are interested! New members are always welcome